Serge Roger S.A.S. Installation, Maintenance des équipements industriels
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  • Serge ROGER SAS

    “Serge ROGER SAS dedicated to your industrial projects”

    Since 1848, the Serge ROGER SAS Company has established itself as one of the key players in the development of industrial plants for bulk products, from process engineering to installation and maintenance of the equipment installed.

    The current expertise of our teams and the quality of our achievements enable us to be recognized in France and abroad.

    The Serge ROGER Company intervenes in various fields of activity:

      • Agricultural industry (cereals, fertilizers, seeds, biofuel)
      • Agri-food industry (malt house, flour mill, animal nutrition)
      • Industrial mineral industry (cement works, plastering, fertilizers)

    Our skills:

      • engineering
      • boiler making
      • metalworking / iron work
      • structural iron
      • industrial transfer
      • industrial maintenance

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